About Us


Welcome to Magnolia Point Co.  My name is Casey Grover and I am the co-founder of Magnolia Point Co. along with my wife, Mallory.  After meeting at Auburn University, where we both earned our degrees, Mallory and I spent most every weekend hunting, whether it was upland, deer or turkey.  It was during these years of dating when we bought our first versatile hunting dog; a Pudelpointer named Flint.

 Throughout the training, testing and hunting of Flint, the need for a flush dog became apparent.  I broke down and bought a liver roan English Cocker Spaniel named Magnolia as a wedding gift for Mallory. Flint and Magnolia have become the face and inspiration of Magnolia Point Co., a brand built around the lifestyle we love. Hunting holds a strong sense of tradition and values, which is what Magnolia Point Co. was founded upon. 

Upland hunting, specifically, goes hand in hand with high standards, and is a timeless pastime that we are striving to bring back to the forefront.  We are blessed with the opportunity to chase this dream of ours, which includes sharing this journey of living and loving all things outdoors.

Casey Grover